About Us

#NotOKisOK was set up in 2019 by Paddy & Rich. The original idea to adopt this hashtag was to enable people to search for this online and follow the progress of our campaign to raise money for the charity Chasing the Stigma.

The campaign which included a series of local fundraising events concluded with a trip to Africa to take on the challenge of reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Having been friends for a number of years, and both having the misfortune supporting Everton FC,  it wasn’t until we both spoke about our experiences of our own mental health, were we really found common ground.

Having both tried various ways of trying to ‘cure’ our mental health, by catching up regularly over a coffee, we soon became more educated about how normal it is to have suffered from varying degrees over the years. We also linked up with Jake Mills (Founder) of Chasing the Stigma, another unfortunate Everton fan who has developed some incredible resources and tools to support those who may be suffering with their mental health.

Having returned from Kilimanjaro, we decided we wanted to continue to run NotOKisOK, and operate more of a platform or social channel if you like, that shares content around mental health.

At no stage do either of us proclaim to be experts in mental health, we’re just two average joes who enjoy speaking to people and providing a platform to share their experiences, whilst trying to have some fun along the way.