SEASON 1 – EP. 1 Former Pro British Surfer and recent ITV Love Islander Laura Crane talks about being in the spotlight from an early age and the impact that had on her mental health.
Charlie Crane, speaks about the reality of having a sibling being in the public eye, and why he is on his own mental health mission.
SEASON 1 – EP. 2 In this episode Shaun Kennard talks about the day he decided to run away.
SEASON1 – EP.3 In this episode Paddy and Rich talk about the effects self isolation is having on the world!
SEASON1 – EP.4 21 year old Rosa Serret bravely talks about the loss of her father has had on her mental health.
A young and lively soul, but someone who possesses wisdom in abundance. Rosa offers a great insight of how dealing with grief in her teen years has given her awareness of when and how she checks in with herself.
SEASON 1 – EP.5 In this episode comedian Luke Honnoraty speaks candidly about how he deals day to day with a childhood trauma. He also discusses about an upcoming project, involving him and some fellow comedians using their own experiences of mental health in their stand up material.
Warning; this episode contains topics of a sensitive nature.
SEASON 1 – EP.6 Steve Phillip talks us about the day he received a phone call, explaining that his son Jordan had taken his own life


SEASON 2 – EP.1 Local Devon lad Steve Ley talks about what it’s like living with Tourette’s and the impact this has had on his physical and mental health. Steve a larger than life character goes in depth about some of his recent struggles and what his current focus is.
SEASON 2 – EP.2 We speak to the host of The Waffle Shop podcast Taylor James about why he started the show, and why waffling about mental health, life’s challenges and minor inconveniences has helped him so much.
SEASON 2 – EP.3 We speak to Chay West, owner of The Cove Boutique in Devon. Chay talks to us about his slightly unorthodox upbringing, being a parent and trying to run a business during a global pandemic.
SEASON 2- EP.3 We speak to Katie about the effects on her daily life as a result of fainting at work.  Katie, whose based in Cardiff, were her job is to stand in front of people regularly to give talks, explains about how this impacted her life for a while. We also talk about some other topical events. Great episode!